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How to donate

No matter where you live in New Zealand or the world you can contribute by

Direct Credit to ​St Faith’s at:

 Bank of New Zealand

A/c 020416 0024209 00

Please include your name in the particulars.

 Your contribution will be recorded and acknowledged where we have contact information and a receipt issued where possible.

 Don’t forget that in New Zealand you may be able to claim a one-third rebate on tax.


If you would prefer to make weekly or monthly contributions via the Envelope system and have not already registered, you can contact us at

and we will contact you and establish an envelope record unique to you so that all your donations will be recorded against your name and a receipt issued every year in time for Tax Return preparation.


These envelopes are then offered through the normal collection process at Sunday Services.


St Faith's has established an Endowment Fund with the Geyser Community Foundation. Donations of any amount may be made to St Faith's Church Ohinemutu Fund at any time on the Geyser Community Foundation website

Bequests can also be made in Wills.

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